2019 – Q1

MOPPX had a very strong start to the year, substantially outperforming its index and its  peers and regaining most of the underperformance of the last quarter. Q1 1 Year  MOPPX +16.58% -8.6%  MSCI ACWI Ex USA NR USD + 10.31% -3.71%  Foreign Large Blend +12.33% -9.98%  Foreign Small/Mid Blend +10.24% -5.18%  Morningstar This past performance is not indicative … Continue reading 2019 – Q1

2018 – Q4

MOPPX Q4 2018Larry Fink Likens Hedge Fund Selloff Last Quarter to ‘Mini 2008’ was the headline of a recent article on Bloomberg. A JP Morgan report on European small and midcap stocks also compared the recent panic selling to the 2008 financial crisis. “In fact”, the analyst writes, “2018 saw just as much volatility as … Continue reading 2018 – Q4

2018 – Q3

Hervé van Caloen, CIO Mercator International Funds MOPPX Q3 2018 The Mercator International Opportunity Fund was up +0.40% for the quarter, compared to +1.35% for the Morgan Stanley EAFE index. Since Inception (April 2nd, 2018) through September 30th, 2018, the International Fund has posted a gain of +0.79%, compared to +0.10% for the Morgan Stanley … Continue reading 2018 – Q3

2018 – Q2

Hervé van Caloen, CIO Mercator International Funds JULY 18, 2018 In the last weeks of the quarter ending June 30, the Mercator International Opportunity Fund (MOPPX) gave back early gains to end its first quarter with a +0.4% return. This compares to a return of -1.24% for the international benchmark, the Morgan Stanley EAFE Index. … Continue reading 2018 – Q2